Say No Toolkit

IBE: Institute of Business Ethics

About the IBE Say No Toolkit

The IBE Say No Toolkit is both an app and a website developed to help employees make decisions in difficult situations by providing immediate practical guidance. Common questions are answered such as when to accept a gift, when not to offer hospitality, what to say to avoid a facilitation payment and what to do if faced with a conflict of interest.

The Say No app and website can be used for free as a standard IBE branded tool containing important, general advice and guidance on how to respond to difficult situations.

The IBE Say No Toolkit is a free tool for anyone to use. Simply click here or on the tab ‘Use the Say No Toolkit’ above to start using it the IBE web version. This tool is especially useful to small organisations who seek to provide general advice to employees and who may not have specific company policies or who do not wish to put their company brand on it.

The IBE branded app version will also be available for free for anyone to download and will be available from early 2014. The app will be especially valuable for those employees working away from an office, particularly in remote locations. Once it has been downloaded, the app does not need an internet connection to work.

The customised option

To ensure that employees are receiving the exact guidance to situations that are happening in their organisation bespoking the Toolkit should be the preferred option.

Purchasing the Say No Toolkit gives you full access to the app and website but enables customisation of the content delivered providing complete guidance to employees and reflecting policies and procedures in key areas. The appropriate contact details for different risk areas, gift and hospitality limits, reporting procedures and charitable donation guidance can all be customised to your ways of working.

With the Toolkit, the app and the website come designed with your company logo and accented with the corporate colour scheme. This ensures employees believe that they are receiving the exact guidance from the organisation that they work for.

Also included in the Toolkit package is a set of marketing materials (a teaser poster campaign, website banner and full PowerPoint presentation) in the brand/colours to communicate the Toolkit to the organisation.

If you are interested in developing the Say No Toolkit to suit your needs simply email or call the IBE office on +44 20 7798 6040

Thank you for your interest in the IBE Say No Toolkit.

Downloading the IBE Say No app is simple and straightforward but before you do we would like to capture some details about how the app will be used. We will use this data for our internal use only. Once you have filled in the details below you will be taken to the download page.

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    The Say No Toolkit is most effective if it is tailored to suit the needs of each individual business. We believe employees should feel that they are getting the right guidance directly from their employer.

    Do you want to know more about branding the toolkit and customising it with your specific company procedures and contact details?