Say No Toolkit

IBE: Institute of Business Ethics


For companies wishing to maximise the effectiveness of their guidance to employees on bribery related areas, we suggest purchasing the toolkit in order to tailor it to your specific organisational requirements and to ensure that employees receive the exact guidance for situations that may really be happening.

What does it cost?

To create a new app and website which is customised and branded to your specific requirements the IBE will charge £9,250 excluding VAT.

This includes unlimited downloads of the app and no limit on the number of users.

What do you get?

  • Your own app ready for submission to the app stores.
  • The full content of the IBE app and website but the opportunity to modify it to reflect organisational ways of working. Specific company contacts can be added for concerns about charitable donations, gift limits can be added if they are relevant, exact company procedures can be presented for people to check. Links to other company systems can be inserted for example to a gift and hospitality register or to a Speak-Up website.
  • Both the app and the website designed in your company colours and displaying the company logo. This we believe is a critical part of ensuring employees make the right decision because they believe that they are receiving the exact guidance appropriate to their organisation not a generic suggestion.
  • A package of marketing materials (a teaser poster campaign, website banner and full PowerPoint presentation) in the company brand and colours to support the communications around the launch of the Toolkit. It includes background information to the Bribery Act and adequate procedures as well as guidance on why and how to use the Say No toolkit.

Frequently asked questions about the bespoke option

How does the customisation process work?

The customisation process is straightforward. A data capture form has been designed to reflect the key areas of change. Simply complete this with all the company specific details and they are then uploaded into the database.

Can I add new areas of concern into the database?

If there are specific circumstances that would make the Toolkit more valuable there is an option to add in more content detail. This would need to be designed in partnership with the IBE. Any additional development would be charged according to the amount of time it would take to design and populate the database and this would be based on IBE day rates.

Are there any additional costs?

Once you have bought the Toolkit there are no additional costs for the use of the tool. The app can be downloaded by an unlimited number of users at no extra cost. It is not restricted to a fee per person charge.

If we host the site and tools for you the hosting is charged annually at a cost of £960 (£80 per month). If you are hosting internally, then obviously there is no charge.

Can we host the website on our intranet?

The website is hosted in our London datacentre, but it can be set-up so that it can only be accessed from your existing company intranet making access to it straightforward for employees.

Thank you for your interest in the IBE Say No Toolkit.

Downloading the IBE Say No app is simple and straightforward but before you do we would like to capture some details about how the app will be used. We will use this data for our internal use only. Once you have filled in the details below you will be taken to the download page.

The following fields are required, please make sure they are filled in before proceeding:

    Are you planning to provide access to the app for all your employees?

    The Say No Toolkit is most effective if it is tailored to suit the needs of each individual business. We believe employees should feel that they are getting the right guidance directly from their employer.

    Do you want to know more about branding the toolkit and customising it with your specific company procedures and contact details?